These six completed sections are taken in large part from the display presented by the author at the Wolf Lake Yacht Club on July 4 from 2001-2007.  Other sections (black type) will be completed as time permits.

Note on newspaper references: Jackson Daily Citizen (JDC) was a daily newspaper (except Sunday) printed from 1865-1904. The Jackson Citizen Press (JCP) began publishing about 1904; in 1916 it merged with the Jackson Patriot to form the current Jackson Citizen Patriot or Cit-Pat, which began publishing in 1918. We will use the term Cit-Pat for references to any of the three to assist the casual reader.

1825: Captain Parke - "Our Surveyor"

Mid-1800s: When Tim Tooker Reigned

1891-Early 1900's: Wolf Lake Entrepreneurs: Akin,Millen
1903-1913: The Casino and Northside

1902-1927: The Wolf Lake Interurban

2005: Digging for Interurban Relics

1912: The Boat Club Inaugural - Venetian Day

1912: The Boy Scouts Come to Wolf Lake - Camp Teetonkah
Other 20th Century Historical Sites
1939: The Wolf Lake Yacht Club Begins
1950: Water Skiing

1970s - 1990s: Nature Unleased - Weather; Gypsy Moths


Other Photos