1912: The Wolf Lake Boat Club Inaugural - Venetian Day

The invention and mass production of the outboard motor in the period 1905-1909 was not lost on Jackson elites such as William Sparks. The easy availability, via the 1902 interurban, of obstruction-free Wolf Lake for touring and racing was irresistible. A race of that era is pictured below.

The lake Casino of 1903 only added to the attraction. Accordingly, The Wolf Lake Boat Club was formed. Their coming-out event, termed Venetian Day, was held on August 15, 1912.

Remarkably, their 34-page brochure was saved intact for 88 years, and discovered in 2000 in the attic of lake resident Bill Walker, with lake family ties going back to at least the 1920's. This brochure gives a snapshot of the times and the lake and is the basis of this section. Unfortunately, the Club's ambitious plans never came to fruition; the Casino, and many boats, burned in September, 1913, and was never rebuilt. The extensive plans of the Club apparently were never realized, although there is evidence that some form of boat club continued. (Note: this motorboat club is distinct from the present sailing Wolf Lake Yacht Club, founded in 1939). And here are some of the brochure pages. Several notes regarding the program: (1) Anna Berger-Lynch was a world-renowned coronetist living (and now buried) in Jackson and (2) the fireworks time was a surprising 8:15pm, before the adoption of Daylight Savings Time in the US in 1918.

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