Occurrences of unusual and bizarre events of nature are difficult to document; often, they are short-term or even hourly happenings. Yet, there are some that remain in the memories of those who witness them or even leave a long term physical effect.

No doubt, the Wolf Lake area has been visited by its share of severe weather over the centuries. Two STORMS WE MAY REMEMBER occurred since the early 1970's: one impacting Little Wolf Lake in 1973 and one witnessed by this writer in 1999. And history has saved photographic evidence of each.

The second natural event arrived visibly in 1996 and continues today in a much milder form. This writer was introduced to it one July morning when a rose bush was found stripped of most of its leaves and "caterpillars" chewing on the rest. These same creatures were then seen crawling up trees; even some leaves were partially missing. This was to become the GYPSY MOTH INVASION; it took several years to suppress with the help of government, local activism, and - most importantly - nature itself.